Dominion Herbal College certificate

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Buy fake Dominion Herbal College diploma. fake Dominion Herbal College degree. Dominion Herbal College is North America’s oldest school of Herbal Medicine founded in 1926 in British Columbia, Canada by Dr. Herbert Nowell. buy fake diploma. Dominion Herbal College was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1926 by naturopathic physician Dr. Herbert Nowell who taught botanical medicine to medical doctors prior to 1918 when such medicine was accepted and practiced by the medical profession. buy fake degree certificate.

Fake Canada diploma. In addition to opening Canada’s first health food store near Vancouver, British Columbia, Ella Birzneck was a founder of the Canadian Health Food Association and the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of British Columbia. Since 1987 members of Ella Birzneck’s family have worked to ensure that the original purpose of Dominion Herbal College is maintained. Dominion Herbal College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency and holds school or professional memberships with the American Herbalists Guild, the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of British Columbia and the Health Action Network Society.

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