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Buy fake CIS diploma. fake CIS degree. buy Carnegie Institution for Science diploma. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, known also for public purposes as the Carnegie Institution for Science (CIS), is an organization in the United States established to fund and perform scientific research. The institution is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Beginning during 1895, Andrew Carnegie donated his vast fortune to establish over 20 organizations around the world that now feature his surname and perform work involving topics as diverse as art, education, international affairs, world peace, and scientific research. The organizations are independent entities and are related by name only. fake USA diploma.

Fake American diploma. fake degree certificate. Carnegie communicated with President Theodore Roosevelt and declared his readiness to endow the new institution with $10 million. He added $2 million more to the endowment during 1907, and another $10 million during 1911. By some estimates, the value of his endowment in current terms was $500 million. buy fake university degree certificate.

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